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Entries from June, 1998
January 1999

From: Binky (
Date: Tue Jun 23 22:51:27 1998


Blessing upon you, little child.

From: Jackie (
Date: Thu Jun 25 07:30:53 1998

The BirthMother Tree

Just wanted to let you know that this is a beautiful page....what a wonderful idea Binky. Hope you get many more visitors. I am sure it will be a big help to many.

From: Rosemary (
Date: Tue Jul 28 14:27:32 1998

Birthmother Tree

You have a beautiful tree to contemplate. As a Bmom of 2 or 3 children for whom I'm searching (might have had twins), I am attempting to list my information everyplace I can. I have done so on yours but was unable to figure out how to view the other entries. If possible, please e-mail with the answer. Thanks

From: vicki (zmama) (
Date: Sat Aug 1 15:15:42 1998

Birthmother Tree

To my son, Even though 22 years were lost to us, we have the future to share. I mourn those lost years, and celebrate the ones to come. Love, yer ma

From: Sandra Lee Pickens (
Date: Sat Aug 15 05:59:01 1998

Am an adotee still searching for birth family

My DOB is May 24,1950.Place Detroit,MI. Hospital Providence.Through Catholic Charities Polish Decent. Sandra Lee is the name my bmom gave me and My adoptive parents surname was Walkowski.Address at time of Adoption 8427 Westwood ave. Detroit,MI.IF ANY OF THIS SOUNDS FAMILIAR PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT Thanks for taking the time to read this message.

From: Gerry Lea (
Date: Wed Aug 19 18:31:24 1998

Find My Daughter

Gave my daughter up when I was young when she was born at the Sacramento Memorial Hosp. Calif. She should be 37 or 38 years old. She has half sisters that want to know her.

From: Sue E (
Date: Fri Sep 4 08:48:53 1998

what a beautiful page
Thank you for letting me post I just wanted to let others know there is hope. We have been reunited and she has left to go to college. Thats the hard part. Thank God for the internet. We can keep in contact that way. Thank you again Sue

From: Adoptee Charlie (
Date: Thu Sep 10 12:50:41 1998

Hi there...glad I found this place, you have a good idea going, hope it builds up fast. I am going to link you to my page. You never know what adoptee passing trough my page could already have their mom's info posted on your page. Let me know of other sites like yours.

From: Tiffany (
Date: Sat Nov 14 19:24:53 1998


I hope everyone out there looking finds the love that they arelooking for. When my son finds out about me I hope that we will havea happy future together.
Good Luck to all.

Tiffany (bmom to Quinn 10/01/98)

From: Anne (
Date: Sat Jan 16 07:13:53 1999


Thank you for the site. We are ISO B-mother. My daughter was given to us in March of 1968. I always thought it was the hardest decission anyone should ever have to make, and the most unselfish act of Love! God bless all B-Mothers whom gave up their right for women like me!


From: Chris M (
Date: Sat Jan 23 19:55:12 1999

What a great simple easy to read beautiful too!!

I would like to thank all the Bmoms that are out there day after day never forgetting the pain they endured and still share and for the Bmoms that have found and still stick around to help other's so they can heal too. Chris M FL Bmom to Vivian Thank you for your space here Sincerely,

From: eddyeth a suttle (
Date: Thu Feb 18 11:56:04 1999

male adoptee april11,1965

i think the tree is a great idea i am b mom iso edward eric suttle born 4-11-65 point pleasant hospital pt pleasant nj adoption agency family childrens services long branch nj court of jurisdiction freehold nj birth wt 9lb 3oz dr dwulet i was 16 at time of birth 12-17-47

From: Aimee LeClerc Clarson (
Date: Sun Feb 21 11:49:37 1999


SEARCHING FOR BIRTHMOTHER JAN 19, 1971 ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA!! I was born at Mound Park Hospital 3:39am weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces and measuring twenty and a half inches in length. The adoption was through The State of FL./Dept. of Family Services. Case worker: Rosemary Seal, Attorney: John Hanley, Judge: William A Patterson.
My mother was twenty at the time of my birth and shared an apartment with her oldest sister who was twenty-three and in the fashion merchandising buisness. She came from a large family that consists of two sisters and three brothers residing in a North Eastern state. The oldest brother was also twenty (twins?) and had enlisted into the Army and was stationed over seas. My mother's youngest sister and her father were both left-handed. My grand-mother is English and my grand-father is of Swedish ancestry. They are Protestant in faith and attended a Unitarian church. My mother is artistic and likes to sketch

From: Lynda Turner (
Date: Sat Feb 27 16:08:16 1999


Hello, I just found this site, and it is a blessing.. I am going through hell right now and am looking for help... I found one of my sons last year and it has been a roller coaster ride . Going from being great to being in hell. I still have one other to find. What I am looking for is other birthmothers to talk to . There are no support groups where I live. I found my son last year, we met in July and he came to my home for a week. then everything went downhill. His mother hates me with a passion and her hurt pain and fear have affected my son. he has pulled back.. anyone out there who has been through this? ..Lynda

From: Cynthia (
Date: Sat Mar 6 05:01:57 1999


What a wonderful thing to do for us, Binky, I think this is just great!
If it's ok, I'd like to add a link to my pages at Adoption Works, Etc. I'd really like it if you'd stop by and let me know what you think, I'm just starting out and would appreciate your feedback.
You've really come up with something unique and very special for Bmoms, thank you very much. Warm regards

From: Pat Zimmer (
Date: Tue Mar 9 19:50:38 1999

My Lost Child, My Lost Love

You are now lost,but someday I hope to find you. ISO Son Born 12/06/68 Bridgeport, CT. My ONLY Child.

From: Kathleen D. Harrison (
Date: Tue Mar 9 20:03:46 1999


Thanks for the beautiful website & opportunity to feel so special!! I pray that each & every adopted child finds TRUE HAPPINESS. GOD BLESS EACH & EVERY ONE OF US.... BMOM'S & ADOPTEES!!
Thanks BINKY!!!!

From: Babs (Barbara) (
Date: Wed Mar 10 09:53:31 1999

Found but not reunited

First I think this site is wonderful, thank you Binky. I found my son (age 36) Oct. 98. He is not ready to meet me yet and so far have only talked four times on the phone. He at times is very hateful, but then calms down and asks for forgiveness and thanks me for his life. I am so mixed up,and wait for the phone to ring.He is in Phoenix, AZ and we will be there for 2 weeks in June. I asked him if we could meet for lunch then, he said he is not ready to commit. What do yo do? I just keep praying that he will want to meet me. He did say he loved me one time. THis is a great site and I have it bookmarked and will return to it on a regular basis.

From: Cynthia Pulling (
Date: Wed Mar 10 11:43:27 1999


Wonderful site, so simple. To you my sweet baby, I don't want to take away the wonderful life I can only hope and pray that you had. I just want tosee you. I will always love you.

From: Barbara Johnson (
Date: Wed Mar 10 12:07:06 1999

To my son, whom I have always cherished.I hope that this message has a lot of meaning for you.

"In all of us there is a hunger, marrow deep, to know our heritage, to know who we are, & where we have come from. Without this enriching knowledge, there is a hollow yearning.
No matter what our attainments in life, there is a vacuum & emptiness & a most disquieting lonliness." ~Alex Haley

I learned at age 42 that the father who raised &abused me was in fact, not my real father. I searched & in March 1997, I found my real father's familym, sadly he had just passed away.
However, I have a full & loving family now. I will pray that you do not wait to search as I did, I have many regrets for not searching sooner.
You are very much loved & within my heart daily. Your birthfather's name is Kenneth Moreau. We were borh born in Port Arthur, TX.
If any of this sounds familiar, please contact me.

From: Cynthia (
Date: Wed Mar 10 12:24:15 1999

Featured Site of the Month (March, 1999)
Congratulations and thanks again, this is really wonderful!

From: Janie L. Drummond (
Date: Wed Mar 10 19:21:34 1999

ISO Bdaughter

Bmom ISO Bdaughter, Baby Girl Mikels born 6/3/80 in Boynton Beach, FL (Palm Beach County). This was a private adoption and the delivering DR was D.J. Wargo. My baby was born at 9:43 PM.
I Miss and Love you very much. You have a brother named Daniel and he is 14 years old.
This is a beautiful site and also this is a wonderful thing that you are doing to help all members of the TRIAD.
Jayne L. Drummond

From: Cathy Denny (
Date: Wed Mar 10 23:33:03 1999

My son

First I want to say I love this page. The tree is beautiful, and all the names under it moved me deeply. We have all been through so much! My son found me 6/7/98. I missed his first 24 years, but I am so happy to be there for the years to come! Ryan, I love you, I loved you always! I hope everyone under this beautiful tree finds their children, and peace at last.

From: Mary Bowman (
Date: Wed Mar 10 23:49:12 1999

Thank you

thank you for this forum. ISO Bson 07/26/76 AF Academy, Colorado Springs, Co.
Mother: Mary Ellen Tincler
Father: Eric Jon Peterson

From: Lisa (
Date: Thu Mar 11 18:27:15 1999

Your Tree

What a wonderful site for birthmom's to join together - I am happy to have found this page.

From: Melisa King (
Date: Fri Mar 12 15:27:02 1999

searcing for children

Thank you Binky for this site,
I've been actily searching for my children for the past two years now ,But I nerver stoped loveing them or stoped thinking about them,I've missed them very much and its one of my greastest desires befor I go home to meet with my FATHER OUR GOD ,To be able to hold them and to Tell them how much tey aare missed.
Am searchin for;
CHAUNCEY IAN 1 / 25 / 76
KID's I look at the last piture of you daily as it in place on my living room wall....

From: Linda Orozco (
Date: Sat Mar 13 02:26:41 1999

Bmom to Kelly 6/20/67, Sacramento CA

This is a very touching site. Found Kelly 12/27/98, contacted by a friend who told him his bparents were searching. No response; praying for a blessed reunion in God's perfect. Bmom and Bfather together again. We love you Kelly and do not want to disrupt your life; just want an opportunity to know you and your family.

From: Gen (
Date: Sat Mar 13 04:15:00 1999

Birth Moms and how they think their children think

I’m an adoptee, 54 years old. I have spent the last two hours talking to a birth mother. Your children you gave up for adoption do not hate you, they are confused. Most don't know.

From: Francisca Moore Wagstaff (
Date: Sat Mar 13 07:51:10 1999

Birthmom looking for daughter born 3/24/79

She was named Tama Elizabeth by her birthfather, after his grandmother. She was born at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC, at 10:36 am. She was relinquished for adoption on 3/28/79, and adopted around May of 1979. She had dark brown hair with reddish tints and deep blue eyes.
I just really need to know she's alive and happy, that's the main thing. Any relationship would be totally up to whatever she could handle. I never wanted to give her up, but felt I had no choice at the time. I've always loved her, and always prayed we'd find each other someday.

From: anna (
Date: Sun Mar 14 06:02:53 1999

birthmother tree


What a wonderfull tree, I was overwhelmed reading it,.... I am not allowed to search by Irish law, and there is not even a contact register to put my details on....I hope someday that the law will change and I can look for my lost son!

bmother to Neil 22-12-81

~see I will not forget you, I have carved you in the palm of my hand~
asaiah 49:15

ps: stop by page and sign my guest book please!

From: Marie Delia (
Date: Wed Mar 17 22:29:45 1999

grateful adoptive mother

Wonderful site, very interesting mail. I am a very grateful adoptive mother who is so thankful for my wonderful son and I realize without his birthmothers decision, we could not have been.
Baby Boy Cook Born 4/5/67, West Covina Calif.

From: Ronnie McEntee (
Date: Tue Mar 30 10:29:38 1999


I'm a birth mother reunited with my son after almost 29 years. We are just starting a "wonderful adventure" as my son said to me. I hope every birth mother will be as lucky I was to find their child and be welcomed not only by him , but by his adoptive family also . Good luck

From: Andy's mom (
Date: Thu Apr 1 12:58:02 1999

Just wanted to stop by and say "hello" to all the birthmoms resting under the tree. You know as well as I do that....."it never ends".
Andy 2/27/66-11/4/96

From: Toni (
Date: Fri Apr 2 11:16:10 1999

Birthmother Tree

This is a excellant idea along with all the others I have found so far. Keep up the good work.

From: Marcella Stubbs (
Date: Fri Apr 9 04:18:04 1999

I am an adoptee

I am an adoptee searching for my birthmother. I found this site through the Adoption Net Links of Adoption Triad. I thought maybe it was a site to make a family tree. Instead I found this tree full of birthmothers in pain, searching for the children they were separated from at some time in their lives. It's heartbreaking. I have always known there were three sides to the Triad, but I have never seen it from any side except the adoptee. My heart goes out to all of the mothers who are still searching. I have a 2 year old daughter myself, and if she were ever taken out of my life I don't think I could go on. I would like to know something about this site. If I were to find my mother listed here, would I be able to get in touch with her through this site? I didn't find her here, but someday she may sign up with this site. I'd like to know what to do when she does.

From: Marcella Stubbs (
Adoptee in search of Birthmother

This is my second entry. I just read the other entries in your notebook. I didn't feel right leaving a search message since I am not a birthmother, but I see many others have listed their information. So I think I will.
My birthname is Dondally Ann Brester. I was born in Ellensburg, Washington on May 30, 1972. My mother's maiden name is Idamae K. Anderson and she was born in Seattle, Washington on March 24, 1947. She was married to Kenneth Gardner in the late 60's and had a son and daughter who may have been placed for adoption. She married my father, Dennis Lee Brester, in March 1971 and they divorced in April 1974 after my adoption was complete. Their last known residence was Renton, Washington. If anyone has any information about these people, please contact me at as soon as possible.

From: kathy (
Date: Tue Apr 13 02:19:34 1999

please.... help me find my boys

my search is of not one son, but of two and for this reason i thank you so very much. the more places i can get my info to the better my chances are. god bless you

From: Terry Hallett-Albig (
Date: Thu Apr 15 14:40:05 1999

ISO daughter

What a comforting page, easy to fill out. Greatful for any help. Hope this gets to Long Island and my daughter finds it somewhere.
Eager for reunion.

From: Cindy (
Date: Thu Apr 15 16:12:54 1999

looking for you

Grateful your here. Started my search today.It's been 25 years and I've never stopped thinking about you,or loving you.I was not able to have another baby until modern medicine became so advanced.I stood in an adoptive mother's shoes for many years.I undrestood how she felt waiting for a baby.I was also very angry,hurt,regretful even though I knew I did the right thing.If it's God's will maybe through His help I'll get a chance to know you.

From: Leslie (
Date: Sun Apr 18 12:45:51 1999

ISO Birthson

Searching for over 10 years for my birthson born on Wednesday, December 4, 1974 at Riddle Memorial Hospital in Media, Pennsylvania.
Adoption finalized June 30, 1975 in Media.
You are my Only Child and I long to meet you one day...I have left a "path" for you to follow and have filed Waivers of Confidentiality everywhere!
Am also registered with I.S.R.R. and PARR...
What a great site you have here! Thank you for the opportunity to post a message...hugs to all...

From: Mary (
Date: Mon Apr 19 10:23:34 1999

iso daughter

iso daughter born 5/6/66 at st. joseph hosp. chicago, il. adopted thru catholic charities, joliet. mom at st. vincent home

From: Margaret Dojcsak (
Date: Wed May 5 00:29:39 1999

To My Lost Children

I am looking for you to let you know you have never been out of my mind or thoughts you are very special for the familys that adopted you a great gift my Mother always told me God workes in strange ways I could have children these familys couldn't so God used me to help outThere is so much I would like to tell you you three have a older sister and brother and a younger sister GOD BLESS AND KEEP YOU SAFE I ONLY HOPE WE GET TO MEET

From: Laniece (
Date: Wed May 5 20:02:42 1999

To my adopted daughter

I am searching this vast world in hope of meeting you and discovering the person you've become. I would love to share the good things I've learned in this journey called life. Where are you?

From: Laniece (

Searching for daughter born 1/23/75 in Akron, Ohio

I left an earlier message, but realized it might help a bit if I gave some info on the daughter I would very much like to meet. If you were born on 1/23/75 in Akron, Ohio and were adopted through the United Way Family Services, you may be the girl I've wondered about for 24 years. I have so much to share with you!
I want you to know that giving you to a good family was the most difficult process I've endured in my life. I have always hoped that your life has been richer and more stable than I could provide at the time of your birth. If you read this message, please contact me at I welcome your response.
Many thanks to binky for the opportunity to share my thoughts and desires.

From: Janice (
Date: Fri May 7 09:34:04 1999

Thank You

Bink.....just a note to thank you for this page. I know you tried to get the Governor to plant a real tree for us first Moms. So sad no one seems to think our feelings should matter. Thank you so much for giving us a tree to put down roots.... I love you girl.
Janice, Peacefully reunited with Mark.

From: Jamie Phyllis Borland (
Date: Mon May 17 15:08:09 1999

Poem by Eilliam Ernest Henley

Out of the night that covers ne,
Black as the Pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds, and shall find me, unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul.

I dedecate this poem to my daughter,the daughter I wanted so much and was denied, whom I privately named "Lydia Ann Borland".

I pray for the day I can tell her personally how much I really love her.

From: Anonymous
Date: Thu May 20 13:38:36 1999

I never knew

I'm angry. Angry at the agency that placed my son in a family that never should have had him. Angry at the mother who didn't protect him from the stepfather who wounded his heart in ways he won't even tell me. Angry at myself for not considering, even thirty years ago, that there were alternatives and I might have been able to keep him. The only person I'm not angry at is my son, whom I love deeply. This poem is for him.
I never knew you'd need me.
I never knew you'd care.
I never knew you'd wake at might
Wanting your mother there.

Now I can't believe how I love you.
I'll never leave you again.
And if I'd known what I know now,
I'd never have left you then.

From: Cindi (
Date: Tue May 25 20:40:16 1999

In Loving Memory of Blanche

Thank you for dedicating this site to our mother, Blanche. She is resting at peace and smiling down on all of us. I want to thank all the b-moms who supported our mom through her searches, and all the b-mom's who support each other! Without the support of all of you our mother may never had the courage and strength to search for her son. Her searches ended up at alot of deadends, but last September (1998), he phoned her. We are so very proud to say that we have another brother and his feelings are the same. So to all of you that have not had that moment yet, hold onto your dreams, because dreams, wishes and prayers do come true! We have a great relationship and he had the opportunity to meet our mom on 3 very special occasions. She couldn't have been happier the week before Mother's Day, when all four of her children and grandchildren spent the weekend together. We will all miss her but we know that she will always be with us.

From: Kathy Vedder (
Date: Sat May 29 12:38:05 1999

Thank you!

Thank you for this site. I appreciate all the time and effort you have put forth. I have been searching for my birth daughter whom I have never stopped loving.

From: Sherry Benjamin (
Date: Mon May 31 13:51:37 1999

BirthMother ISO Son and Daughter

Hi Binky
I'm so grateful for your site!
How do I put my correct email address for the Birthmother's

From: Carol Kathleen Griffin (Sly) (
Date: Sat Jun 12 21:18:48 1999

Searching for B-MOM

Born Carol Kathleen 10/16/73 in Redding, CA. You had a boy a few years later who you wanted to put up for adoption. You kept me until I was 1. You were 19, and the father left you.

I know this is for birthmothers, but I would believe that this is the best place to put this info.

From: shar (
Date: Fri Jun 25 19:12:21 1999

Birthmother Tree


From: Connie Danner (
Date: Sun Jul 4 09:53:39 1999

Searching for BM Nusz

This site is great!! We forget sometimes that our birthparents may be looking for us.

From: Wanda (
Date: Sat Jul 17 22:05:21 1999

Searching for Birthmother

DOB 9-16-56

From: Angie S. (
Date: Wed Jul 28 21:59:10 1999

Searching for you

My darling, I've been waiting for you all your life. I pray to God above that somehow you'll find this page and me with it. I know I could never take the place of your adopted mother, I only ask to be your friend. I love you .... I know your name is Holly Brackett ... I know where you are but would never interupt your life. Please baby find me.

From: Frances Beck (
Date: Tue Aug 3 20:19:10 1999


I was young when she was born.Her birthday is:
March 16,1972.born at Saint Johns Hospital in
Smithtown,Long Island,New York.I've thought about her all these years.

From: Cathy (
Date: Wed Aug 4 19:07:32 1999

Where are you MOM????

I'm F/adptee ISO mom/brother/2 aunts/fostermom. Born 6-23-70
in Easton Memorial Hospitalin Easton,MD Talbot County.My birthmom was 22-25@the time and had son 2-5 yrs old.Mom and fostermom both living in Denton,MD in 1970.Mom was living with her fostermom still,(she and 2 sisters given up to fostercare by father who was in military,after his wife died of alcoholism/diabetes)I was 8 mos when taken out of fostercare in Denton and went with newly adopted parents. Cecil County Social Services did adoption placement and workers name was Carol Ann Newmau. Please e-mail if sounds any what familar. Need medical info,Drs. think I have lupus and is affecting my heart.

From: cathie sinclair (
Date: Sat Aug 7 07:29:20 1999

wish we had this in Australia

this is great, somehow i linked into this site while browsing illegal adoptions in australia.If your a female born in sydney 22/05/72, will give the hospital name on contact, you were named Lisa Marie, you now have 2 sisters and one brother
mum, Bless you all and may god shine on your tree and let the sun and rain nurture it just like our children have grown.

From: Linda Kutscher Chalmers (
Date: Tue Aug 24 14:46:55 1999

this sight is great.i hope i can find my two adopted out children.

I am so happy to find this sight.I have been trying to find my son for many years.I just started to look for my 18 year old daughter.I have spent a lot of money over the years,and got nowhere.Now I hope someone somewhere will help me find my kids.their brother and sisters,their grandma,uncles and aunts,and of course,their birthmom-me,would really love to see them.I have never stopped loving them and I pray to God to help me.My son was born in Seattle,Wash. on July 23,1966.I was only 12.8 years young.My daughter was born in Seattle,Wash. at Northwest Hospital on Aug. 5,1981.She was adopted out by Bearden Bearers.I hope we find each other real soon.Wherever you are,just remember that your birth mom loves you.Peace to all and God bless all.Thanks.

From: Keith Davis (
Date: Fri Sep 10 03:26:13 1999

Male adoptee searching for any birthfamily

DOB: 5/3/64
POB: Pensacola, FL
Agency: Childrens Home Society
B-mother was 21 and possibly medical technician in the military.
B-father was 23 and in the military. Possibly stationed at Eglin Field.

From: Lori Carangelo (
Date: Thu Oct 28 22:31:07 1999

Males 8/16/70 Detroit; 6/24/75-Fresno

The Detroit adoptee was adopted thru Catholic Services, Macomb, MI, and the Fresno adoptee's birthmom's maiden name is Oka, father is Thomas W. Ralls.
Contact Americans For Open Records (AmFOR) with any info. AmFOR has provided free search assistance for 10 years and has just expanded the "The Ultimate Search Book-2000" with more insider info and searcher websites by state, at On behalf of my fellow "birth" moms, thank you for providing this site. --Lori

From: Debra Thimmesch (
Date: Sat Nov 13 21:05:45 1999

My daughter, Andrea

I literally stumbled across this website and am so very pleased. It is difficult to find others who share the painful experience of relinquishing a child for adoption. It is an issue that, surprisingly, is still not discussed much. That is unfortunate for those of us who need to heal, even after 16 years (in my case). What was so striking about this kind of grieving is that one is expected to go through the process utterly alone. The people around me who were courageous enough to offer sympathy spent a great deal of time telling what an "unselfish" thing I had done. Although true, I did not WANT to give up my daughter, and it made me extremely angry to be heroicized when I felt absoultely devastated. I know that people meant well, however, the issue of adoption was (and still is, to some extent) not a comfortable subject of discussion. Only recently, has my family (16 years later) begun to speak openly about it-- except my father, who has never spoken about m

From: Nancy Balok (
Date: Wed Nov 17 18:27:34 1999

to the two children that i gave up

in search of son too young bf ill. and my daughter i voluntarily gave her u

From: Barbara (
Date: Thu Nov 18 16:42:26 1999

b-mom in search of two daughters

I've never stopped loving or thinking about either of you. Tonya 6/8/74 Brandy 4/30/76 adopted thru Fla. dept of social services,in Ft.Myers,Lee county.My only wish is to find both of you.I pray the Lord will see fit to bring us back together.If anything in this text sounds familiar please contact me.

From: Donna Griffin Harriman (
Date: Sun Nov 28 12:31:19 1999

I Searching for YOU Paula Jean Griffin DOB: 3/6/70

What a beautiful site and thank you for the opportunity to reach out. I haven't stopped caring for you and I don't want to take the place of the family you have grown to love. I only want to know you are okay and happy and be your friend if you so choose. Hope you find this.

From: debbie (
Date: Wed Dec 1 22:14:43 1999

seaching for my babys

i just want to say thank you for this site.looking for my two kids. my son was born on 7-27-73 & my daughter was born 1-22-76.i love you with all my heart. love mom .

From: Kristie (
Date: Thu Dec 9 12:32:53 1999

I love this website! I have searched many, many websites about adoption and this one really touched me. I have found alot of comfort hearing everyones stories. My son is 6 months old. I miss him so much. I have had a hard time dealing with the adoption but I'm learning to cope with the emptiness thanks to all the other birthmothers out there sharing their stories. Thanks again!!!

From: Christi
Date: Thu Dec 16 01:09:47 1999


I want to encourage those who are searching about the happiness that can be at the end of the rainbow. I never searched for my son. My need for him was buried deep, and I didn't know why I was often so sad. Then he found me. There's a song from Fiddler on the Roof - "I hadn't anything, now I have everything. No one is richer than I..." that is how I feel. He fills my heart with joy and we grow closer as time passes. Sometimes when we talk I'm so happy I can't sleep. Bless all of you who search and may the end of your rainbows be as rich as mine.

From: teresa boatman (
Date: Fri Dec 17 06:43:13 1999

birth mom searching for son

michael allen boatman, starkey, shackelford b. 12/16/1970 bakersfield, ca. you are so wanted and needed in our lives we love you. I love you and would love make you a touchable part of the family memories are great but to hold you in my arms would fullfill my life again. son I hope you see this and phone home as I've always made a place for you. god lead my michael home to me now. amen

From: teresa jolene boatman (

searching for my son

michael allen boatman,..shackelford,.. starkey...
born bakersfield, ca. 12/16/70. I was 15 and not very bright I didn't get bright for a long time and when I did you were no where to be found your Aunt tina had you hidden away. she still will not tell any one where you are. please call you are loved and always have a home with me and your family.

From: Binky (
Date: Tue Dec 21 18:49:30 1999

Happy Birthday my Sweet Daughter

On December 31, 1999 you will turn 14 years old. It's impossible to believe that so many years have passed since the day you entered this world. But not a day goes by that I don't think of you and love you with all my heart. I am so blessed that you have such wonderful, loving parents who love me and accept the role that I play in your life. I'm so happy that you have a sister who treasures you. And to finally know that your birthfather loves you and never forgot you. You are so bright and talented, and your future is full of so many promises. May you have a wonderfully UNFORGETTABLE birthday on the eve of the Millennium. A very special day for a very special daughter. I LOVE YOU.

From: Jill (
Date: Tue Dec 21 23:14:23 1999

As an adoptee (11/08/73) it is heart filling to see all the out pouring on this and similar sight